Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Essay about Buddhism
Upasaka, Dr. Ricardo de Leon, from Mexico and one of the student from the Course 'Buddhism in Action', has written this beautiful paragraph, which it is the product of his daily meditation practice:
Bearing in mind the Unity of all beings in one soul, the multiplicity of forms is just an illusion:  it is the result of the aggregation of elements determined by causes as consequence of previous events...‘The Lay of Nature in action’. A flower's shape is the result of the aggregation of multiple molecules determined by the genetic and epigenetic information in the cells of the plant, influenced by a constellation of environmental factors such as weather and soil, among many others...
‘It appears’ in the relative world, that we live in our bodies which are different one another due to similar reasons like the above mentioned. Although it is only an appearance, an exterior manifestation due to the Lay of Nature, our consciousness belongs to another nature, a common 'One', the Absolute Truth. If you look deep enough into the deep mind - through the process of concentration Meditation o Vipassana - you can discover this Unity, the Absolute Truth in diversity; and compassion and fraternal love will rise spontaneously as the logical result of sharing a common nature with the Whole, and with each formal expression and being in the Universe.
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